10 coolest cars in SA right now

Some on this list have been cool for decades and will be cool for decades more. Others might not even be cool by the time you read this. Regardless, these are the ten coolest cars in South Africa as of February 2017.

10 coolest cars in South Africa right now

As cars are loved by those who love them, what’s cool in Boksburg right now might not be as cool in Camps Bay – or the farm roads that lead from Kimberley to the Kalahari. Coolness is a matter of perspective, is it not? So, with that mind, these then are the ten coolest cars in South Africa right now, a list that does as much as it can to include the scope of our people while acknowledging, all too proudly, that it fails dismally.

Regardless, these are the 10 coolest cars that we prefer for our Epic African Road Trips and the cars that we currently think are cool – even if they’re not.

10. Porsche 928, the ugly shape, or “the one next to the cactus”

If you own a craft beer bar in Cape Town city or worse, Parkhurst, you’ve probably photographed your Porsche next to a whiskey flask or a cactus, or a round-spectacled and very attractive hipster girl who you’ve tried to impress with your beard. Ah yes, what’s her name again? Not her, the Porsche, the 928 – the ugliest creation in Porsche’s repertoire, restored proudly by you for your counter narrative, which insists now that ugly cars are cool cars. Maybe they are. Regardless, whether you think the 928 is cool or not, trust me, it is now: Craft beer bars have decided so and we all know that when a bar sells craft beer – hell – we will all pay double the amount for worse beer and the same old hangover because someone said it’s cool and we believed them. As such, if you’re now looking to invest in a cool cheap Porsche, which will be over priced in a decade, this is the one.

9. Ford Escort, the one your gran used to own or "the one they drop to the floor"

The Cortina, Sierra, Fairlane and this the Escort are undergoing a revival. Surprisingly, not amongst nostalgic middle-aged men trying to rediscover their youth but rather amongst their sons who instead, are trying to discover a little bit of themselves in the fathers of yesteryear. Fathers are, after all, the men who taught us that fast Fords are cool and who is Gusheshe to disagree with the dads? Not us. We love them - the dads and the Ford.

8. The small bakkie, the one for the boet, or the “one I need to borrow please”

Any South African list of cool cars must include a small bakkie. It’s disappointing then that there hasn’t been a launch of anything substantial to overshadow Chevy’s most hideous little Utility that replaced the Corsa a few years ago now. Regardless, any oke from Pretoria to Bloem to Bellville who drives a Nissan NP200, a Bantum, a Corsa bakkie or even the ugly Utility itself will remain cool for as long as South Africa remains intact. With his arm out the window and smoking a goit, he’s the only legend you have to know if you want to move house and transport a couch. We love him – and we love his bakkie too.

7. Mercedes G-Class, the 4X4 Mercedes, or “the one that makes Range Rover look kuk”

Mercedes G Class, with monster mags. Give it to me Kanye!