R17 Million? A flying car will do, thanks

With fold away wings and rear propeller, you can now fly to work... via driving to the airport.

The Slovakian made, rather pointless and wonderfully ambitious AeroMobile has now been tweaked, which, you'll be happy to know, means that it doesn't crash anymore. Great news... The not so great news is this: It is now available on pre-order for a measly 17 million Rand but you'll unfortunately have to wait until 2020 before its delivered. Cheeky.

Regardless, it might be the best 17 Million you ever spend. I mean, look at the thing - it's awesome - and the thought of missing the morning traffic is any motorist's dream, is it not?

But hold up. You'll have to dream a little longer my rich friend. Flying it is not as easy as taking off from the driveway or your helipad so it gets you thinking - what the hell is the point? By law, the vehicle requires a runway and an airport to use so why not just buy a plane? Or even better - a helicopter, which you can surely use from home if indeed you do have a helipad atop your Camps Bay mansion, which I'm sure you do.

Fair points aside, the Aeromobile boasts a boxer motor, which if you have driven a Subaru, you will know gives you all the right sorts of kick. Unfortunately though, that's not the case for the Aeromobile; I am sad to tell you that on the ground you'll only hit 160km/h which, to be fair, you can then make up in the sky when cruising at a more impressive 350.

The Aeromobile, despite the pointlessness in its being, is still cool though, and what car-lover would Gusheshe be if it didn't think so? I mean, the thing flies for goodness sake and more importantly, is part of the evolution that will inevitably take us into an era only ever seen before on The Jetsons. For that reason and for that reason alone, Gusheshe gives it a thumbs up.


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