New Civi Type R thumps GTI

The new Honda Civic Type R has given a good dashing of carrots to the Golf GTI Clubsport S around the Nurburgring.

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According to "it clocked a 7min 43.8sec lap time from the circuit’s Bridge to Gantry sections", which is a massive 5 seconds faster than the Golf.

Golf buyers shouldn't worry yet though; this is track performance version that will be "representative" of the new Type R's performance. In other words, the one you end up buying will be slower in the real world.

Regardless, it is likely that it will get to 100km/h in under 5.7 seconds, which is good news for that real-world-only feeling that we care about at Gusheshe.

What do you think of its looks though? We're still not convinced.