Top Amarok a staggering R749k

You might love VW. But do you love it enough to pay R115K more for it than the Ranger?

Amarok car news

It is official. The new Amarok has arrived in South Africa with a much celebrated 3.0l V6 - a motor situated somewhere on the right wing of VW's renowned TDI engine range.

What that means is this: It comes with more torque for those off road escapades and the loud voice of a proud owner who can now show off that he has 6 cylinders instead of Ford Ranger WildTrak's measly 5.

Certainly, that's all great and we at Gusheshe agree that 6 is better for vehicles that are judged on their amount torque at the bottom of African koppies and how they climb them.

But, it's still hard to ignore the price difference between it and the WildTrak even though the Ford does admittedly come with 80 N.m fewer torques, because, well, it's all irrelevant numbering, really: The WildTrak still has more than sufficient torque, Amarok or not, and still remains the best looking and best driving of the lot.

It's no coincidence that South Africans these days prefer the Ranger to even the likes of the Hilux, because South Africans know and love good bakkies. It's in our genes. So why would VW think to offer South Africans something R115 000 more expensive for something less attractive, for something with considerably less of a "bakkie pedigree", and for something that is likely to be no better than the Ranger anyway, or if it is, certainly not to the extent to justify that obscene price difference.

Expect the Amarok to remain scarce because of that despite an awesome new engine and a step in the right direction.

Our choice still. Brand new: R619, 900