Man Up Chev - build the damn thing bro!

Aren't you tired of seeing awesome concepts come to nothing? Don't worry, so are we.

Chevy FNR-X Concept

As is reported in Car Mag, Chevy has released this outrageously cool "all-purpose sports vehicle" concept come SUV come cross-over come man the eFF up and build the damn thing bro!

The FNR-X concept will, we fear, be lost to the realms of the soulful when it, or a dilluted version of it, is finally released. By then, it will probably be as ugly as Chev's Man United's sponsored shirt, which upsets at Gusheshe immensely because we're tired of awesome concepts never looking like the final product (nevermind the shirt).

Perhaps we're being too harsh though. Concepts are, after all, all about direction and if if this is the direction Chevy's heading in, well then, take a bow. That said, will it be released here when it is? For the growth of Chevy in Africa we certainly hope so.