Porsche breaks world record, tows Airbus A380

Ever wondered why you should buy a Cayenne? Now you know.

Cayenne S pulls an A380

As is reported on Auto Express, a standard Porsche Cayenne S has broken the Guinness World Record for good ol' plane pulling. Yes, that's a thing apparently.

The Porsche, with its 4.1 litre twin turbo V8 that produces an above average 283kW but a colossal 850Nm of torque, has pulled a 285 tonne Airbus A380 over a distance of 42 meters. That breaks the previous record holder by an astonishing 115 tonnes, which was set by a Nissan Patrol back in 2013.

Airbus taxi-ing might just be the career for you then if you're a bored housewife and own a soccer-mom-Cayenne. Gusheshe, after all, can't think of another reason why you'd want to own a Cayenne anyway in a world of real 4X4s. So, juice up as much as you'd like Cayenne: Gusheshe is still unimpressed...

Take nothing away from the achievement though; it's epic. You can watch how it unfolded here.