GLA gets facelift

The expensive cross-over gets a manly facelift and some bizarre new features.

As is reported on, the Mercedes GLA has been given a facelift, which makes an already appealing cross over even better. Yes, as they correctly describe it, the GLA is especially appropriate for South Africa as we enjoy all too often the epicness of our epic African road trips and the inevitability of the gravel roads that accompany them.

Gusheshe has long been a fan of the GLA and welcomes this new beefier look, but is also, admittedly, slightly bewildered by some of the bizarre features that surely only exist because people buy them. But as many of those people might be reading this, Gusheshe says nothing of it and rather applauds any human who is willing to part with money for some unnecessary but unarguably cool feature, like scarlet seatbelts for an additional R5800. Or red brake calipers for an extra R7400. I mean, if not why not, right?

As always, Gusheshe will say little more than offer you the truth of the GLA's curves, which can be found in these pictures before your very eyes. But for more on pricing and and its offerings, you can click this word.