Danish develop two new sports cars

Denmark's Agile Automotive is developing two awesome models for sports car lovers.

As is reported in Auto Express, Agile Automotive is developing a road legal and track version of its new SC122 and the SCX.

The former "contains a 3.5-litre V6 engine which produces a handy 419bhp, and can be fitted with either a five-speed manual or seven-speed sequential transmission."

For those who are not into death by madness, there is also a less powerful model being developed, the SCX, which "is also available in road or track setups with a Euro6-approved 2.0-litre Toyota engine. This delivers a choice of either 178bhp or 274bhp, with the latter thanks to the aid of a supercharger."

As always, Gusheshe welcomes any new sports car to the market and cannot wait to see what the Danish Invasion has to offer. And the fact that the SCX will only weigh 600kg as to maximise its performance, let that be an indication of how seriously the Danes take their sports cars.

Bring them on!