South Africa misses out on American Titans

Nothing annoys Gusheshe more than awesome American bakkies that will not see the light of day in South Africa.

This red monster, seen below screaming through a mid-western stream, is the Chevy Colorado, which would surely sell like biltong if given the opportunity in South Africa. I mean look at the thing; it's awesome!

Instead all we get here is the little Chevy Utility. The Utility! I mean come on. To rub salt into the wounds, this the Z71 Extended Cab 4WD sells for $33,000, which, converted under the current exchange rate, costs R441 000. For a 4X4 double cab, that is light years cheaper than what's on sale here. Gusheshe even traced a new one down for as little as R395,000. That's almost half the price of a top of the Range Amarok and R200 000 cheaper than the Ranger WildTrak. It's outrageous!

And it doesn't end there. How about this amazing looking Ford F150 Raptor?

I have never understood why the F150 doesn't get sold here, or the Dodge Ram, or the GMC Sierra 1500. All of them are absolutely monumental and make the Hilux look kuk. I mean, can you even compare a Mazda BT-50 with an F150? They surely shouldn't even be allowed on the same planet.

The top of the Range GMC Sierra Dinali, seen below, will cost you R754 000 and includes a monster 5.3L V8 engine and the presence of a Hilbrow bouncer. It's absolutely awesome. The standard Sierra just below that will cost around R400K and comparatively, give you twice the car than a standard Ranger.

It's just not fair.

South Africans should demand that more American bakkies go on sale here. For the life of Gusheshe, we cannot think why we don't have access to them. In South Africa, in a place in love with double cabs, on a continent made for bakkies, why are the best double cabs not sold here? Why? The most annoying part is this: If they ever were, expect them to cost at least R200 000 more on average.

Ah, alas, the American Titans. How we miss the things we never had - and that of course includes this, the Dodge Ram - a bakkie so big that it could carry a Hilux on its back. Don't we wish we saw that more often?

Gusheshe certainly does.