Audi Q8 targets Range Rover

The new striking Q8 concept means business. Bad business for Range Rover but good business for Audi. Maybe.

As is reported on the new Audi Q8 concept - a bigger, better looking and super elite version of the Q7 - is firmly out to break Range Rover's monopoly of the 4x4-loving super rich.

This is good news for Audi. As was recently explained in Gusheshe Features, Audis have, of late, tended to be rather boring and what we don't need is another boring ol' Audi to add to the endless amount of boring ol' Audis already on offer. The Q8 concept however, if looks are anything to go by, which of course they are, is looking to do to the super elite SUV segment what the R8 once did to the super car world a decade ago - and that is this: Turn it right on its head. It looks great, in concept form at least and we hope that they don't dull it down come production.

It's exciting beneath the skin too: It will likely feature a petrol-electric powertrain, which means it will be able to travel an extra 60 kilometers on its lithium-ion battery, which takes only two and a half hours to fully recharge. If you do less than 60 kms per day then well, technically you won't have to pay a cent for petrol. Brilliant bro! I mean, it's not quite Tesla brilliant, but brilliant enough for an exclamation mark.

Perhaps the most exciting thing about it though is this: With every exciting new concept comes a better one from a competitor and the next Range Rover will probably be well enough loaded for you to one day forget about this Q8 anyway, the one that was released way back when in 2018 (because that's when it's coming btw).

And, as Audis are pretty much forgettable - then, well - what's really new with this one? Nothing really. Nothing at all.