Toyota gives flying cars the big push

Toyota has backed flying cars for the future after investing R5 million into the Skydrive project.

According to the BBC, a group of volunteer engineers in Japan have gathered further funding from Toyota to continue development on the Skydrive Cartivator, which, if developed to schedule, will light the 2020 Olympic torch in Tokyo.

It's an exciting time for flying cars. Gusheshe recently reported on the development and finalisation of the European Aeromobile and be assured that with Skydrive, the Asians are not far behind. The Skydrive is more practical and when finished will be what flying cars were always destined to become: Human-holding drones as opposed to reworked airplanes.

Drone technology allows for takeoff and landing without the use of airports, which is surely the only way forward for the flying evolution. In any practical and congested world, remotely driven flying cars - much like Google and Tesla have developed for their ground models - is the safest and smartest way forward.

With traffic congestion a severe problem in all major cities, it makes sense that large manufacturers are now looking to drone-like cars to create the future. It's about time - and for the first time in history, that time is now.