Shelby officially in South Africa

The Americans have arrived! The good ones. Not the Trump ones.

As is reported in Car Magazine, Shelby, the custom performance branch of our favourite fast Fords is now officially in South Africa. They have set up shop in Malmesbury, Cape Town. Offices in Gauteng, Mpumalanga, KZN and the North West will follow soon.

"Although not many of its products have reached South Africa, cars such as the AC/Shelby Cobra and original Shelby Mustangs are icons across the globe and have often been glamorised by Hollywood. The founder of the company, the late Carrol Shelby, has legend status, and the brand comes with an enviable racing pedigree. So, there's a lot of history at play..."

Car magazine then goes on to ask: But what if young South Africans don't know that history?

Well, Car Magazine, let me answer this. You're speaking to the Fast & Furious, Gran Turismo and Need For Speed generation. I was driving digital Shelby's on Friday nights before I was ten years old. We know the history very well, thanks, and the importance and glamour of Shelby's arrival in a country in love with fast Fords that go even faster.

Remember these nights? Those were the days. Now, with Shelby here, we can make them real ones.