The Megane RS, a sneak peak

Here it is. The reason you might not buy that GTI.

As is reported on, the new Megane RS will finally be revealed in September after what feels like a lifetime of waiting. The picture in yellow is what it will probably look like - not bad - and when it arrives it will likely feature the Alpine's 1.8 litre turbo and push out an impressive 223kW - but again, that's all speculation still.

Regardless, expect it to be fast and sticky - just how we like our hatches. But, of all the things it might be, let's just hope first and foremost that it will possess some of that sporty Renault magic that Megane seems to have misplaced since the release of the awesome F1 now more than a decade ago.

We're holding thumbs for something extraordinary. Until September then...

The Megane Sport F1 - the one we miss and the best Megane has ever produced.