GTI hybrid means unnecessary business

It's just a one off, but it sure looks good. Unnecessary, but good.

An impressive 301kW and an electric motor powering the rear wheels, the one off Golf GTI First Decade is testament to a future vision that most now share - that the world will go electric. But, to be honest, it's the sick paint job though that first drew us to it and probably what also drew you too - and not the image of a cleaner world.

What it means is this: Hybrid vehicles rely more on aesthetics and "eco" branding to sell the image of environmental protection, than actual environmental protection. We all know good and well that fully electric is certainly possible and even better, so why play around with "hybrid-ity" when we can very well make something even faster using pure electricity?

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Hybrids are an unnecessary then - a bit of a distraction - and should thankfully fade away into the pureness of electricity. Much like that time Lil' Wayne experimented with rock and rap together, it is something that just does not work. Yes, it is worth our time experimenting with, or should I say was worth our time for the good of the world - because isn't that experiment over? Haven't we already succeeded?

Our future will consist of purely petrol collectibles, isolated diesel safari vehicles and everything beyond that will be pure electricity.

So why another hybrid even if it looks this good? And why another hybrid when hybrids were so last decade?

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