Limited edition Bentley beautifully crass

Bentley celebrates its entry into 'Nurburgring 24 hours' with outrageous new limited addition, Auto Express reports

Gusheshe absolutely loves bright colours and filthy spoilers, especially when it takes classically classy cars and makes them look all East Rand like. Gusheshe would kill to own one of these, just to rub its brashness into the face of the "gentlemen" who buy the ordinary Continental thinking its cool - which it's not.

This one, called the Continental 24, is impressive though and comes with some thought provoking and impressive numbering too, like 522kW, and a R3.65m price tag and, oh yes, the number 24. 24 manufactured that is, making it indeed very, very limited.

No need to sweat over that though. You can't buy one anyway: They were commissioned specifically for European buyers who collect cars like this to add to their already outrageous collections, or at least that's we poorer people assume richer people do when they buy cars they clearly don't need, but need to have.

0-100 takes 3.5 seconds and its top speed plateaus at 336kmh. Importantly though, if performance doesn't matter to you, you'll be happy to know that the European buyers can get a single tone paint job instead, if indeed the two tone bothers you. It shouldn't though. It's the coolest thing about the damn thing - that and its ridiculous matching wheels.

Good luck at Nurburgring 24, Bentley. We'll look out for you. You'll certainly be hard to miss...