BMW 8 series concept, take a bow

The outrageously good looking 8 series concept targets S-Class Coupe. The Merc should be shaking in its boots.

Auto Express reports that the BMW 8 series "close-to-production design study will morph into a showroom model next year [and] following in its footsteps will be a broadening lineup of new 8 Series models that’s set to include an 8 Series Convertible and 8 Series Gran Coupe."

Blah, blah, blah. Take a bow, BMW. How outrageously good looking is this BMW? Gusheshe applauds confident concepts and truly hopes that the production vehicle that evolves from this is not too far off. Gusheshe has a good feeling that it won't be, for as confident as it is, its lines are not offensive to the eyes, which is normally a marque of a concept that is pretty much nailed.

It's understood that the more common models will adopt power borrowed from the 5 and 7 series lineups, which includes 6 and 8 cylinders derivatives and all the standard and classy propulsion you would expect from a BMW of this stature. But, what you should care about, and what we certainly do, is the flagship - the M8, and how does that there role of the tongue? Beautifully. Expect a twin turbo 4.4l V8 and some outrageous stats to match - or at least that's the rumour.

May the rumours become truth and may the final production vehicle look just like this. Let us all bow our heads and pray to the car Gods above that this is so and that this here car is born.

Its rival, the S Class Coupe, should be quivering right now.