Ignis in line to win ugliest backside of the year

The new Suzuki Ignis is a great little car - so they say - and it's even pretty from the front. But my word, what's going on out back?

The new Suzuki Ignis is an awesome little machine. First impressions are great too. Car Magazine reports that the Ignis "is the next in a successful line-up of good-to-drive and fair-on-the-wallet offerings. [The Ignis] is possibly one of the best."

Cars.co.za is also full of great things to say about it and even go as far as to say that it is"a tasty proposition for those looking for the next fashion trend to sink their teeth into."

Certainly, they correctly identify the Nissan Juke as one vehicle with quirky looks that became irresistible to own and might well be the car that inspired the likes of the Ignis and the many others like it that will come.

But what in the name of all that's car and holy is going on out back? In any colour it is absolutely hideous, which is a real pity. The front is really appealing and cheap little Suzuki's have always been a favourite of Gusheshe.

As such and unfortunately, it is well in the running to win Gusheshe's award for ugliest backside of the year.


My friends. Never. And I mean never take styling tips from Ssangyong because you inevitably end up looking like this: