Brace yourself South Africa. Scoobie's back... Kind've.

The New BRZ STi will be revealed in the upcoming days, but will likely have no turbo. Huh?

Yes, according to AutoExpress, "After five years on the market and countless requests from fans, Subaru is poised to offer its BRZ sports car with more performance, and has now officially teased a BRZ tweaked by its STi performance division ahead of an anticipated reveal next week."

These pics were snapped at Subaru during a "secret" test last week.

Yes, on 8 June officially - the BRZ - the one Subaru that had so much potential but never did anything about it - is finally stepping out of its big brother's shadow - the Impreza. Finally, it will sport an STi badge and every Subaru lover from Bassonia to Umhlanga should be dripping at the mouth.

Well, at least that's what we also thought when we saw the big blue wing and STi badge in the very subtle reveal. For how's this, and yes you are reading this correctly: The new BRZ will likely not have a turbo, but will rather be a "tuned version" of the standard BRZ. Read that again and laugh please. And again please.

Are you for real, Subaru? No turbo? Excuse me? Are you out of your mind? Do you want to start an uprising by daring to release a blue, fat-spoilered Subaru without a turbo? I mean give me a break.

An STi without a turbo is like Messi without a football. It's like Trump without twitter. It's like a burger without the meat. How in holy car's name is Subaru going to sell blue-winged, screaming boxer motors without the deep-breathing whoosh between the gears? It's insulting.

Subaru, we are warning you. Release that BRZ here at your peril. For if it doesn't beat a GTI between the lights, and isn't loud enough for everyone to hear the victory, you can be assured that South Africans won't buy it. That there is a fact my boet.

Check how they covered the STi badge in the "secret" test that was "never meant to be photographed".