The BMW Art Car - when art meets Bavaria

From South African artist, Esther Mahlangu to the augmented reality of Cao Fei's latest vision, here are the 18 awesomely painted BMWs for art car lovers.

Chinese artist Cao Fei is the latest artist, and first from China, to continue a fantastic and beautiful tradition created by BMW way back in the 70s. The Art Car.

Her vision for the BMW M6 GT3 art car combines augmented and virtual reality to bring to life what can only be seen to be appreciated, and downloading a special iOS app when you need to view it (a bit annoying right?)

It allows the viewer to be taken on a journey of colour as the BMW comes to life before your very eyes, painting itself and the space in a virtual light show and colour extravaganza.

To be fair, whatever it is, or however it works, it looks sick!

She follows a long line of distinguished artists who have given their artistic twist to racing car BMWs over the years. It's a huge honour to be commissioned by BMW to create an art car and Fei's vision is officially the 18th.

Here, as drawn from the Business Insider, are the 17 that came before Fei's virtual masterpiece. They might just be the coolest things you see all week, and certainly the prettiest...

Well, most of them at least because no, we also don't know or understand what the hell Olafur Eliasson created in 2007. A mollusk? An igloo? I don't know. You'll understand when you get there.


Alexander Calder's 1975 BMW 3.0 CSL Art Car.

This 3.0 CSL was designed by American artist Frank Stella's and raced at the 1976 24 Hours of Le Mans. The design