New mid-engine Aston will rival Ferrari 488

Aston Martin will be dipping into mid-engine territory to rival the king of super cars: Ferrari! Expect it in 2020.

As is reported in Auto Express, Aston Martin have announced a mid-engine super car, which will sit somewhere above the Vanquish and somewhere below the mega-priced Valkyrie. No, there isn't a name for it yet but there is a pretty concept sketch - and well, it looks good, except for the fact that it looks remarkably like a McLaren P1, give or take a couple of vents and lines.

Aston CEO, Andy Palmer says: “Within our price pillars, we’ll have Vantage, DB11 and Vanquish – then you have nothing up above them. We have a slightly lower average transaction price than Ferrari, so you need something that connects your Valkyrie at £2.5 to £3million with the rest of the group. We have an obvious blind spot where the likes of the 488 sit.”

The 488 rival will be one of seven new Astons to join us over the next seven years. Consider the Aston cycle then: Last year we got the DB11. This year and next we will get the new Vantage and Vanquish. In 2019 we will get the DBX. In 2020 the McLaren-like rival sketched here. 2021 and 2022 - Lagonda one and two, which are luxury saloons and then in 2023, the DB12, which when it arrives will begin the cycle all over again. Neat and tidy. Thanks Aston.

Jokes aside though. We still think it looks great, despite its German resemblance - and of course, we welcome the pompous air of any new Aston into vulgar, super car spitting territory. Because another super car can't hurt, can it? That's like having too many beautiful people. You can never have too many!

Speaking of beautiful. Here's its rival. The 488. Mi Piace!

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