All's (electric) quiet on the Western Front

In America, in the West, there's an electric-quiet battle underway. Fisker. Meet Tesla. Tesla. Meet Fisker - again.

While you're contemplating your next cave man machine, powered by a stuff call petrol,  Auto Express  reports that wealthy Americans will have the difficult choice of which electric car to buy next. Yes, Fisker is back after peaking (and disappearing) a decade ago.

Its reinvention means that you will only have to charge as much as your buddy fills up with petrol, but you will definitely be quicker to 100km/h and faster at top end. Your buddy shouldn't mind though because it's not your cave man machine that Fisker cares about: It's Tesla - and that quiet electric battle on the Western Front.

Unfortunately however, despite Fisker's intent, we are sure that the South African cum American cum Canadian, Elon Musk, will welcome this addition to the electric landscape because it's the very reason he created Tesla in the first place: To be a part of green battles like this and leave petrol in the rumbling hands of last century. 

Whether it's an innovative as Tesla however, we can only hope. It certainly claims to be, with a 644km driving range and 260km/h top speed. 0-100 will likely be sub 3 seconds and Fisker told Bloomberg that his new venture "has the technology that nobody else has. And there is nobody even close to what we are doing out there." 

Bold statement from Fisker. Perhaps things are not as quiet as we thought. The battle continues.