Hyundai Kona: 2018's most stylish fashion accessory

The Kona arrives with a lumo splash, four years fashionably late.

The small Kona is Hyundai's answer to the Nissan Juke, and the small cross over cum SUV market that is undoubtedly the most popular all across the common wealth, and the most susceptible to fashion gimmicks that buyers just absolutely love, like matching lumo seat belts.

The Kuno will undoubtedly be the most sought after fashion accessory over the next two years much like the Nissan Juke was when it overwhelmed the car-loving South African market nearly four years ago. Although not South Africa's yet to buy, Gusheshe still expects the Kona to eventually arrive and we cannot see why it won't.

Like the Juke, the bold design of the Kuno is drawn to make your head turn and is filled with all those things that let you think it's worth the buy: Like space, and height and the heads up display that you previously only thought would be available to you when you eventually could afford your Mercedes.

Not so. The technology has popularised and cheapified enough for you to have it in the Kona and you can be assured that the Kona will feel worth the debt when you use it. That debt will probably start at around R270k, which is segment and pocket appropriate.

Do not be fooled however, by Hyundai's purpose here. It will make you think that you're unique when you buy one. But you won't be unique, despite the array of lumos to choose from. The Kona will be exceptionally popular and that's no doubt down to the exceptionally bold styling that you will love when you first see it... but be bored by 8 months later.

Like the Juke, and like all fashion accessories meant to draw you in when you see them, the Kona will age and tire quickly, unlike more carefully put together designs that don't overwhelm you but get better with time, like Fords clever Fiesta, and the Kuga for that matter, which of course will be one of its competitors. Gusheshe however, like you, would still get the Kona.

But think about this:

When was the last time you turned your head for a Juke? Enjoy the Kona for now because it too will be soo last summer by the time its second summer arrives, but fortunately by then, we're sure something else will be tickling your fancy and your pocket. By then, this here lumo toy will be banished to the toy box.