Holy Musk Balls: 0-100 in under 2 electric seconds!

Elon Musk has hinted that the next Tesla Roadster, due in 2019, could race to 100km/h in under 2 seconds.

The mark of any genius is how they reinvent the present and make the impossible possible. Certainly, it's crazy to think that when the first Golf GTI went from 0-100km/h in 8.1 seconds it was impressive, and that 0-100km/h in two seconds seemed absolutely outrageous - stupid in fact. Impossible actually! No doubt, the thought that a sub two second dash could be achieved by a production electric car was other worldly.

The Original Tesla Roadster, released 2008

The original Tesla Roadster, released 2008

What's more, Elon Musk was 11 years old when the Mk1 Golf GTi came out and who knows, he might have even fancied it on the roads of 80s Pretoria and dreamed about the day he might even own one, never mind the day when he would impress the world by hinting that his new electric sports car, due in 2019, could do the 0-100km/h dash in under two seconds. Sub two seconds people! Holy Musk Balls.

Take a moment to just imagine how that must feel. Formula 1 cars, on average, go from 0-100 between 2.1 and 2.7 seconds. So the thought that an electric sports car that you could buy (if you're rolling in those leopards, of course) would get from 0-100km/h in under two seconds is truly, as 80s Elon Musk must have thought, other worldly.

Asked if the coming sports car would be capable of sub-two seconds, Auto Express reports that Musk "said it would certainly be an “interesting target” for his team of engineers, but would only count if the car was capable of achieving a sub-two second [0-100] dash straight off the production line and with street legal tyres fitted."

Gents and ladies - and ladies and gents from all across the Gusheshe sphere. For Elon Musk, that means yes. Yes, the new Tesla Roadster will at the very least be a two second machine. Don't believe him? Well, this is the same man who is is destroying the car-loving oil industry for the sake of YOUR environment and colonising Mars for, well, fun! He is colonising another planet and you're twiddling your thumb reading this here article. Now that there is other worldly.

Muskie. You go boy.

Here's an unconfirmed sketching of the new Tesla Roadster and how it might look.