All electric, hipster VW Microbus to be produced

Nothing is more vintage-sunset than a VW Microbus - except one that's electric, of course.

As is reported in AutoExpress, the VW Microbus I.D. Buzz Concept will make production as part of VW's ID range of electric vehicles that hope to wow the world over the next 15 years. Styled after the vintage T1 and T2 shapes that we all pretend to love from inside the pictures on our favourite craft beer bar walls, the I.D. Buzz concept will be an emotional throwback with a modern twist:

"Emotional cars are very important for the brand. We are selling loads of Beetles still, particularly in US markets. But we will also have the Microbus that we showed, which we have recently decided we will build."

Gusheshe thinks it's brilliant that VW decides to keep vintage alive for a new millenium of weed-smoking, long-haired legends, and cannot wait to eventually see the production version of this brilliantly styled concept come to life. All electric means that its drivers will truly be able to save the world this time, which is a step up from the punk rock girls of the 60s, who at least looked good trying to save the world but sadly didn't - from an era of failed communism, apartheid and climate destruction, the bleeding consequences of all three testament to her failure...

On a lighter and more exciting note - the I.D. Buzz is likely to take on a whole variety of derivatives too, which is even more promising for the original VW bus-loving market: “The T1 also had some family members, like the pick-up, the camper, the Samba, so I think there are a lot of possibilities with this car.”

Dope dude.

Well, as long I can sit on its roof at sunset (while it charges) and stare into the never-ending roadtrip of a climate-destroyed, deep-setting orange, and dream about a relationship with a punk rock girl that's destined to fail - well - it will always be a hit with me. That's for sure. Dope dude!

Dope no doubt.