Oops. The Kia Stonic "leaked" - winky face

Hot on the heals of the Kona, "leaked" images of the Kia Stonic means Kia wants some of your uniqueness  too.

It was just last week when we reported on the impressive but soon-to-be-boring fashion gimmick, the Hyundai Kona, and what we had to say about it were generally good things: Good except for the fact that it will age too quickly, and that that is the reality and nature of the consumer-driven and gimmicky B-Segment market - the market not quite tough enough to go off-roading but adventurous enough to take a few dirt road alternatives at least. 

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Kia now, in an act of "unintentional" revenge has come to steal some of the Kona spotlight by "accidentally" leaking the pics of its own offering - of its Stonic, which we expect will be as impressive as the Kona when it too finally makes its way down So