E-Pace teaser is Jag's new little 4x4

The new E-Pace will sit just below the brand's F-Pace and is Jaguar's answer to the BMW X1 and Porsche Macan.

We are a generation spoilt for choice. There are very few segments that car manufacturers won't dive into and that includes Jaguar - a car that just ten years ago was only known for its gentlemen-like presence, and quarter mile golfing-dad dashes that could leave your heart in the tiny - if at all - back seat behind you.

Now, as a new era of motoring solidifies in this electric and SUV-loving century, your choice of small SUV just got even broader with the arrival of the Jaguar E-Pace, a smaller version of the Jaguar F-Pace SUV, which will, no doubt, leave soccer moms salivating at the mouth.

The teaser photo seen above reveals a back-end very similar to that of the F-Pace so Gusheshe expects nothing world-altering on the design front, but a squashed but nice looking F-Pace nonetheless. Jaguar however, believes that "every Jaguar is designed to excite the senses, and we think E-Pace will do just that, albeit with its own individual character.”

Whether or not you believe that Jaguars truly excite the senses, or if the E-Pace truly will have its own individual character, it will, regardless, be a popular buy and expect to see many of them over the next few years.

Its official launch is on 13 July.

Meanwhile, and more excitingly, Jaguar has confirmed that the fully electric I-Pace concept will join us in 2018! Here it is in a place that looks a lot like the Karoo and we can only hope its range is far enough to cope with the endlessness of our most beloved semi-desert.