Peugeot's new African Double Cab...unfortunately

The new Peugeot Pick Up is looking to take Africa by storm by tapping into the much loved double cab market. 

As is reported on, Peugeot is looking to take the African market by storm with a new double cab - the Pick Up - but it isn't clear whether it will show face in South Africa or be reserved for our northern neighbours who, north-west of Zambia drive left-handed and apparently (thinks Peugeot) ugly bakkies. 

Gusheshe has never understood why any bakkie, in a world filled with good looking bakkies, has to be ugly so it hopes, most sincerely, that Peugeot doesn't patronise the bakkie-loving South African market by sending this absolute atrocity down South and across our borders. It's hideous.

It looks like an early noughties Land Cruiser made ugly babies with a 90s Isuzu and well, we just don't like it. It looks cheap. We already have our fair share of ugly and cheap Chinese double cabs to contend with these days so there's no point even considering this thing. None.

Our Fords, Toyotas, Nissans and Isuzus will do for now, thanks Peugeot. But, if you really want to wow us and tap into the South African psyche, take some inspiration from the Americans rather. Now those there are bakkies worth considering! Click the below pic and you'll see why.