"You'll be able to kick the hell out of it"

The new Land Rover Defender will be as tough as nails, says design director. 

As is reported in Car Magazine, the new Land Rover Defender, despite a design change which is still to be released, will be tough enough for a good old kicking. At least that's what its design director, Gerry McGovern, had to say about it and well, if anyone should know, surely he should. 

“This was a vehicle that for a very long time was the emotional core of our brand. Given it was so old it had become an anchor,” McGovern said.

The anchor will live on in some shape thank goodness, but what we do know is that its famous ladder-frame chassis will not and will be replaced with a fully aluminium platform, which, believe it or not, may even catapult the Defender into this century - 20 years later...

Jokes aside, there are few cars that we are more excited to see and we were happy to hear that the new Defender "is not far away."

We suppose that's what the below Defender hoped about its Toyota Tow Truck...