The big E means it's a fully electric Aston

Aston Martin has confirmed a production version of the RapidE. The big E means its fully electric.

As is reported in Auto Express, Aston Martin has confirmed that 155 units of the fully electric RapidE will be manufactured and ready for purchase by 2019. In the time it takes the Springboks to rise from the ashes and win the world cup in Tokyo, Aston will have created an electric Godzilla capable of 746kW - or at least that's whats expected.

"Electric power," said Aston CEO Andy Palmer way back in 2015 already, "gives us the performance we want, although you won't have a V12 noise - you'll have something that works just as well for a luxury vehicle - silence. And you'll have zero emissions."

Now, two years later its officially confirmed, and they'll be using the help of Williams Advanced Engineering, the division of the famous racing team that develops bespoke road cars, to develop this here electric Aston Martin. Nice.

Interestingly, the RapidE will weigh very much the same as the petrol-guzzling Rapide. Batteries packed under its bonnet and all along its spine will add up to more or less the same in kilos, Rapide v RapidE. Unfortunately though, the price of the petrol version will be outweighed by the electric counterpart by some absurd amount, which is difficult to gauge now this early on, with battery prices and electric tech ever decreasing - and unscheduled cabinet reshuffles messing with our predicted exchanges.

There's no need to fret about it though: We don't expect to see the electric RapidE sold here anyway, which is a pity because we expect it to break many an M4 and AMG heart and that's always fun to see. As a car though - sold in those sorts of limited numbers - all it is really is a marquee vehicle meant to paint Aston in the greenest light, in the hope of luring rich buyers in America's most beloved of sunny states - California.

For the rest of us, we only can be patient as the world slowly follows suit into a fully electric and still relatively far off, affordable future.