The end of car speakers?

Continental has developed tech that plays sound through car surfaces and not speakers. Sound strange? It is.

As is reported in AutoExpress, future cars will not utilise speakers - but rather generate and transmit sound through the normal surfaces like seats, roofs and doors. Doing so, will bring down manufacturing costs and save on weight. It sounds strange, we know, but here's how it works:

"Continental replaced conventional loudspeakers in a standard Mercedes C-Class with sound actuators that create sound by vibrating different surfaces of the vehicle. The sound actuators consist of a magnet and coil that vibrates, but instead of the osciallting membrane that makes up a conventional speaker system, the sound is transmitted along the surfaces of the vehicle. This in-effect turns the whole car into a speaker, where multiple surfaces transmit sound.

"Different parts of the car are suited to different sound frequencies...The A-pillar is suited for high frequencies, while the door panels, for instance, have the right properties for generating medium frequencies." Continental also stated that roof panels could work as a substitute to existing subwoofers.

Don't expect to see this tech anytime soon though. Although the prototype has been built, it's still several years away from production - and probably several more away from your own car.