China car giant, Geely, buys American flying car start up

Geely, owners of Volvo and Lotus, have purchased Terrafugia - American flying car start up.

As is reported in AutoExpress, Geely have acquired American start-up, Terrafugia, who plan to have a flying car on sale by as early as 2019. Flying cars have gathered significant steam of late and it would seem that all the big boys now want in on the pie. Certainly, if a giant as large as Geely - who owns giants as large as Volvo and Lotus - invests in flying tech for a new world of flying cars, it means that a production flying car is actually likely to make production this time, which is astounding.

Terrafugia promises a flying range of 650km at a height of 3 kilometers. Awesome! On the ground you will comfortably reach 160km/h, but the details around its driving abilities are a bit hazy.

Don't expect to own one though by the way, unless of course R6 Million (or so) is what you usually spend on vehicles. If it is, well, that's awesome because if the pics are anything to go by, you'll want one tomorrow! It truly looks the Star Wars part and we really hope Geely pulls this one off.

Unfortunately however, AutoExpress speculates that the Chinese interest in flying cars might just be reserved to their light weight technology and manufacturing processes, and that possibly Geely might have little interest in the end product itself.

Interpreted as such, Geely-owned flying cars will likely emerge, but without the push to make them mainstream. The goal here then is to ensure that the usual Geely rubbish you buy now will be made better using Terrafugia technology, much like F1 cars help their bigger and respective families make better cars. Regardless, any off shoots that produce flight and flying cars, even if unaffordable, are off shoots to get excited about.

Gusheshe absolutely loves it! So should you.

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