Audi is cooler for visiting the East Rand

As is reported in Car Magazine, sporty Audi's can finally be juiced up - and it's more than aesthetic!

It's no secret that Gusheshe thinks Audi's have become super boring over the past couple of years and we're happy to announce that the dullest of all the German brands - Audi - has finally given its customers something to think about. Finally! Yes, it looks like Audi has spent the last little while in the East Rand and it's certainly come back better for it.

Whether you like cheesy performance kits or not, Audi certainly needed something to give it some spice. But it's more than skin deep. As is reported in Car Magazine, these "agressive aerokits [were] developed in Audi’s wind tunnel [and consist of] a carbon fibre-reinforced polymer front splitter with “flics”, a massive fixed wing and upgraded aft diffuser. On the R8, for example, this kit is said to offer an additional 100 kg worth of downforce, compared with the standard car, at 330 km/h."

Yes, in this instance, unlike in the East Rand, the spolier does actually work and doesn't only look cool - if of course you believe spoliers are cool in the first place, which Gusheshe most certainly does in this instance (and most instances). The performance parts "also include more powerful and durable brake linings, two different coil-over suspensions setup options and an Akrapovic exhaust system."

Inside, the treatment gains a "flat-bottomed Alcantara steering wheel with carbon fibre shift paddles. TT RS owners will also have the option to remove their rear seats in favour of a weight-saving cross-member strut brace for improved torsional rigidity."

Now that's more like it, Audi! That's what this rally-winning brand should be doing more often, and what buyers of Audi should be considering more seriously when they buy cars capable of this sort of performance.

These upgrades, although limited to the R8 and TTRS, will be available by the end of the third quarter this year. Unfortunately though, it is not a given that these options will be available in South Africa but Gusheshe is confident that Audi will do the right thing.

Do the right thing, Audi South Africa!

Until then, let's keep encouraged by this progress.