Aston Martin Valkyrie teases us a little bit more

Some spacey rear adjustments and first look inside shots have us watering at the mouth.

As is reported in Car Magazine, what is one of the most anticipated hyper cars of all time, the Aston Martin Valkyrie, created in conjunction with our favourite wing-giver and early heart attack on-setter, Redbull, has today revealed a little bit more about itself, including its insides and a remarkably brilliant steering wheel that looks all Lewis Hamilton-like. Yes, the steering wheel - Alcantara made - is detachable so if you own one these and can go out for supper, and do exactly this when someone asks what you drive: Pick up the steering, place it on the table and say, "Boom. My life is better than yours."

Other changes include a new rear wing and a back end overhauled by the transformers, but all in all it still looks awesome. Aston Martin's Creative Director of Exterior Design, Miles Nurmberger (yes, his name suggests he was born to design cars) have confirmed that the Valkyrie is now 95% complete - and that any changes from here on out will be purely to maximise aerodynamics.

Enough of these words then. Judge for yourself.