SA's best selling cars & what you should buy instead

We reveal a few second hand alternatives that you can buy for the same price as these new and popular cars.

As is reported in Wheels 24, there has been a 0.9 % increase in new vehicle sales for the month of June 2017. A total of 44 951 new vehicles were sold in South Africa, which is up from last year June. The National Association of Automobile Manufacturers of South Africa (Naamsa) says that this gives a mixed picture of the industry.

New car sales, which exclude light and medium commercial vehicles, are in fact down. 630 less new cars were sold in June 2017 compared to 2016 - and of those sold 13,6% were sold to rental car agencies.

Here then are the most popular new cars selling currently and a few second hand alternatives you can buy instead (if of course you, like Gusheshe, find them a little bit boring and want to spice up your life!)


1. The most popular passenger car in June 2017 was this: The VW Polo Vivo!

Of course it was. Boring.

For more or less the same price, you can get your hands on this here Jeep Wrangler. 58 000km on the clock. Great condition and certainly a lot more useful (and cooler) than a Polo Vivo! Heavier on juice? Absolutely. But remember, this is not Africa's practical car review - this is Africa's SOUL car. Wrangler? We approve.

Price: R199 900 (it's about R20 000 more than the basic Vivo)


The most popular bakkie in June 2017 was this: The Ford Ranger!

Well, no argument here. You bought the right bakkie. Sorry Hilux. Ford Ranger is still winning this race on all fronts and we're not brave enough yet to suggest an alternative. But, for your sake, look out for a couple of second hand Rangers that could be worth the 200K-500K saving.

Check this one out for R249K! Not bad. Imagine it with fat black tyres and rims. Nice.

Of course though, if money is not an issue: This is the one you want. R759K brand new. Casual! It's the Wildtrak Auto.


The most popular sports car in June 2017 was this: The Ford Mustang!

Nice. Gusheshe, of course, is a huge fan of the Mustang and believes that Mustangs deserve some air in the South African market. Big V8s always do! But that's the point: Big V8s do. So, if you bought the EcoBoosted 4 cylinder version - sorry - you bought the wrong car. Save yourself 100K and buy this Aston Martin Vantage instead. Or, take a hit and buy the actual V8 Mustang. Either way, you need a V8, whether Aston or Ford derived.

You're welcome.

Price: R659 000

46 000km on the clock.


The most popular luxury SUV in June 2017 was this: The Jeep Grand Cherokee, which makes sense.

You see, the new Range Rover - incidentally second to the Grand Cherokee in luxury SUV sales - is frighteningly expensive. The M-Class and X5 hold little appeal when it comes to SUV-type ruggedness, even though most buyers of the Grand Cherokee won't go off road anyway. So, in this buyer's market, it makes sense that the Grand Cherokee sells as well as it does because it is as good as it gets for R900 000.

However, Gusheshe would still spend 100K more for the Land Rover Discovery as the Grand Cherokee feels a class below (and we can't quite pin point why that is). The Discovery also offers more on the off-roading front besides Jeep's rugged brand and bush-loving aura: This we know from first hand experience.

So what then? What's the alternative?

In this market, luxury is key, presence and safety is the key holder and off-roading capability is the bonus in bronze. So, we've suggested a 2nd hand top-of-the-range Range Rover then, albeit a gen behind, that will save you R300k on the Grand Cherokee and still offer all of those luxurious things (and more), including unmatched off road capability and presence.

Remember, all car brands have their place. If it's a Jeep you want, it's a Wrangler you should get as it fills its place in this world most perfectly. But, if it's luxury, stature and ability you seek, Range Rover is as good as it gets. And of all Range Rovers, the Autobiography is the most elite.

Here's one with 111 000 kms on the clock. It's a 2011 Range Rover, V8 Supercharged Autobiography.

Price: R574 999