An Alpine SUV? Yes, it makes financial sense.

The Alpine A110 hasn't yet found its way to the showroom, but an SUV version has already been announced.

It might sound absolutely ludicrous that an SUV styled Alpine is being launched in 2019 well before any of us have had the chance to digest its sporty second coming - but, according to the deputy editor at Auto Express UK, John McIlroy, it makes financial sense.

Consumers love SUVs and it's the only way these days that sports car manufacturers can continue to support their much loved sporty derivatives. Porsche's move into the SUV market is part of the reason why Porsche is still able to create relatively affordable sports cars - and that is exactly what Renault is doing with the Alpine SUV.

Alpine's second coming will bring with it an SUV to rival the Stelvio, Macan and E-Pace whether we like it or not and that very move, however much hated by purists, is exactly the reason why Alpine lovers of the future will still be able to enjoy sporty Alpines: SUVs will fund their development and continued existence.

It's likely that the Alpine SUV will use an existing platform from either Nissan or Renault - but will be ultra light weight. Its power plant will be drawn from the Alpine A110: The same 1.8 litre turbo monster is also found buried inside the new Megane RS. A 4X4 version will likely arrive too, but that there will probably be the unnecessary one to own because no, you will not need it.

Now, that's all great and all but there's still one problem with Alpine, SUV or sporty. It's nerdy looking and Gusheshe is not a fan of it from the front. As stated months ago it looks too much like the Opel Adam to take seriously and unfortunately, that makes the A110, and this here SUV version, look cheap. That's definitely not want you want from a premium brand like Alpine and we just can't see past it. Can you?

Personally, the Alfa Romeo Stelvio is still for us because in this exceptionally boring segment of flavourless fatties, it at least still looks good in Alfa's famous red.