Mazda RX-9 rotary could be arriving soon

Fresh rumours suggest a Rotary-powered Mazda RX-9 will be unveiled at the Tokyo motor show this year.

As is reported in Car Magazine, a rotary-powered Mazda RX-9, inspired by the gorgeous RX-Vision Concept, could be unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show later this year if the Japanese publication, Levolant Boost, is to be believed.

What makes this rumour all the more juicy is that this year marks the 50th anniversary of the Mazda Cosmo Sport, which was the first Mazda to house the notorious rotary motor.

For the sake of all good things motoring, and the love of the high-revving rotary motor, let's all hope that these rumours are true then. And if they are, please let the RX-9 look like the RX-Vision Concept. Wow! What a machine in the waiting.

SEEN BELOW: The inner workings of the famous rotary engine, more accurately called the Wankel engine. It does not utilise pistons; instead it relies on power produced from a single spinning rotor, which is capable of extremely high revolutions per minute that spin in one direction only. It is notoriously "smooth" and powerful, but only Mazda have ever truly pursued the technology.