Another 'nother special edition lotus!

Who's the most powerful Lotus of them all? The GT430!

As is reported in Auto Express, Lotus have done it again: To mask the fact they only produce one model every two decades, they have now incentivised obsessive-compulsive collectors to buy their newest, new derivative of the same ol' model we know and love: The Evora. Attach a GT430 badge and mix in some car-loving science, and what you get is, incidentally, now the most powerful Lotus ever made.

Now, that does not mean that we don't love special edition Lotuses. We do, very much so and we welcome the GT430 as we have welcomed all niche Lotuses since the beginning of time. Indeed, this one is for the wealthy collector as only 60 will be made (and most likely stored in outrageously large garages with an assortment of other exotic collectibles that are rarely used). Use it though and you'll be satisfied: 0-100 is achieved in 3.8 seconds and handling is made more "Lotus-like" by the clever use of aerodynamic ducts, which decrease pressure around the rear wheels at speed, allowing for a chain of scientific events to unfold that keep this Lotus even closer to the tar and nimbler around corners. Handy.

The GT430 will be ludicrously priced of course, and expect to pay as much for one as you would a Porsche 911 GT3. And yes, you're right: Why? The Porsche offers more car. Well, so does the Kia Rio but you ain't collecting that, are you? The Lotus is cooler and rarer than the Porsche and for any collector of capitalist-made things, this is the thing you want. We're jealous, you rich car-collecting bugger. We're jealous AF. Enjoy!