Worst car name of the year? Bentley. The Galene Edition.

Bentley Continental have released the Galene Edition, which is based on a yacht. It's tiring to say the least. 

In what is an uninspired show of "we don't have a new car yet so we'll make a special and over-priced edition based on an effing yacht", Bentley have indirectly imagined the worst car name of the year - The Bentley Continental Galene Edition, which is - and there are no other descriptions for it - absolutely disgusting. As is reported in Auto Express, the car is a new edition by its bespoke modifications arm Mulliner.

Recently, Rolls Royce released the Dawn Black - the best car name ever - and now in an inversely coloured retort, Bentley have responded with as twatty a concept: The fully white, yacht -inspired Galene, which has some touches of electric blue here and there so that it truly resonates the essence of a super yacht. Now, super yachts are not really my thing, but I would imagine that only a super yacht can resonate the essence of a super yacht. Hence, the super yacht.

I mean, call me an ignorant fool right, but surely he or she who buys a real-sized super yacht will own a Rolls Royce anyway and not a cheesy yacht-inspired Bentley, and surely he or she who owns a super yacht will not want a car called Galene. 


It's absolutely shocking.

On the upside (but most likely downside), there are "propeller" style wheels - just by the way - and of course a navy blue convertible roof, which exists to add chunk to the vomit. Then, to really make you feel like the classy buyer you are - there is "open-pore pinstripe walnut" - a newly-manufactured wooden-type material that's found in tasteless touches all about the cabin and boot. Yes, you read correctly - "open-pore pinstripe walnut", which is surely the pending nickname of anyone prepared to buy this.

No, there is nothing appealing about the Galene from its name to its looks and those who think otherwise will be the unlucky thirty who will be able to buy one. Yes (and thank goodness) only thirty will be made before it's forgotten forever.

The Dawn black is better named (but these special editions are always hard to swallow, name regardless). Listen to what I think of it by clicking here: