Wannabe hero arrested for driving 250km/h

The 27 year old Gauteng man was driving his new Ford Focus RS.

As is reported in Car Magazine, a 27-year-old "man" on his way from Limpopo to Thembisa, was arrested for driving a ridiculous 250 km/h in his new Ford Focus RS. He had two passengers in the car and was clearly showing off like an idiot.

According to Ekurhuleni Metro Police spokesperson, Inspector Kobeli Mokheseng, “The lawbreaker never cited any reason for speeding excessively. He was detained at Olifantsfontein police station and charged with reckless and negligent driving.”

May this be a lesson to all those wannabe heroes out there who cannot keep to the speed limit. You are not only endangering yourself and your cuzzies, but you're endangering every reader of car-loving Gusheshe Torque. Get a life bro! If you want to drive Nurburgring speeds, sign up for some quarter mile drag racing at your nearest track and get your heart broken by a nos-pumped Nissan 1400 bakkie with trolley wheels.

Then, drive home to Mommy with tears in your eyes and ask her why your over-priced Ford just got carrots from Uncle Jan's garbage-carrier.

Pic found at raceweb.co.za