Renault Zoe E-Sport Concept: This is the Future

The Zoe E-Sport Concept is a 340kW electric hot hatch and a glimpse into the future.

As is reviewed in AutoExpress (and we're really jealous because unfortunately Gusheshe will not get a crack at this) the Zoe E-Sport concept is Renault's electric vision for a hot hatch future that races to 100km/h in a ridiculous 3.2 seconds. 200 is achieved in 10!

Added to that, the thing looks like the manifestation of something an electric super hero would drive - and oh how we silently "whoosh" it was something real and arriving soon. As it not so, the Zoe E-Sport is just a take on the future, upon which various Renaults will draw inspiration over the next twenty years until France all together bans the sale of the combustion engine by 2040.

So, be patient enough and you will indeed be able to buy something very similar one day in the future - and as electric cars deliver lagless torque - you too will get to experience the whiplash of carbon zero and the mesmerizing acceleration of lithium ion.

Driven hard, AutoExpress writes that the Zoe E-Sport will only deliver 30 minutes of fun time before a recharge is in order (no, this is not Tesla unfortunately, and Renault's primary concern is still petrol). Still, this here is one huge step in the right direction towards a cleaner 2040.

As a stepping stone, the electric Renaults that will come from this are likely to be very impressive - and Gusheshe cannot wait to be impressed.

Read the full review now on AutoExpress.