New BMW Z4 teased. Anything is better than the last.

The new Z4 is a month away from its official reveal - a month away (we can only hope) from a better version of its old self.

Using the same platform as the new Toyota Supra (yes, there's a Toyota/BM bromance going on at the moment at it's good for sports car business), the new Z4 will officially be unveiled in a month: This, following its "silhouette tease reveal" last week (pic seen above) and what can generally be considered an exciting time for two-door sports car lovers. Certainly, we hope that this new Z4 will be everything that the old one wasn't.

AutoExpress's rendition of how they expect to the new Z4 to look.

The old Z4 was, for the most part (like this description) generally quite lame. And cheesy. Even tasteless. And it never quite built on the Z3 success. It became a bit of show boat - much the like old TT - for men and women who liked the image of small, convertible cars and expensive badges, and thought that the two together just seamlessly work. They do not.

One of the biggest misconceptions in car-loving South Africa is that BMW can just naturally pull off sporty cars by mere virtue of its M-division pedigree and its reputation. But, this is not the case. Even BMW has to work hard for a successful sports car - and it will have to work even harder to beat the likes of the Porsche 718 Boxster. This is Porsche territory after all, and BMW will have to carve out something extraordinary for us to even like the Z4.

The 2017 Porsche 718 Boxster. A new version is expected to be revealed in the next few weeks.

It's not that we particularly like the Boxster or dislike the BMW badge; in fact we love the Bavarian badge and despise the Boxster. It's just that with the old Z4, you always got the feeling that it could have been so much better and because of that, all you wanted was precisely that: A better car. Instead it was oddly-drawn and looked heavy, and driven by South Africans with glasses too big for their face, which is normally quite alright, but looked strangely unaccomplished in the Z4.

Spy shots of the new Z4 testing out its new platform.

The old Z4, whether or not this was true for its buyers but certainly it looked it, seemed for the buyer who couldn't quite bridge the gap to super car heaven, but was content on settling for a touch above mediocrity - and then showing off about it with the roof down. Big words from Gusheshe, we know, but that there is the truth of it.

So, bring on the new Z4 then. We welcome it. But please let it be, in any small amount, just a little bit better than the last. That will at least look better for those who decide to buy it.