OPINION: How worried should BMW be about the Tesla Model 3? Very.

The Tesla Model 3 arrives into the same price bracket as the new 3 series, with a standard 338km driving range. That's just the entry model.

You will have to wait for over a year before your Tesla Model 3 is delivered, but the first mass-production electric car is well worth the wait: Tesla has already received 400 000 orders for the silent machine and well, doesn't that just speak volumes?

No, Tesla hasn't gone hunting for ducks either: They've gone hunting for tigers! The BMW 3-series is the most successful c-segment sedan out there and the Model 3 has it - and all of its pedigree - well within its sights. In the US and Europe last year, 250 782 BMW 3-series's were sold and that is a good 150 000 fewer orders of the famed Teslas-to-go. No doubt, it's a significant carbon momentum shift from dirty to clean and should see the likes of BMW lift a few of their hairy, caveman eyebrows.

It's clear that South African-born Elon Musk doesn't play any games. Not only has he offered an era-defining solution to the world's climate crisis, he has done so by undermining the most well sold premium vehicle on the planet; how BMW reacts now might be the most significant reaction of any car to a car in world history. But, don't write off the Bavarians just yet. They too have their fair share of electric knowledge and will no doubt apply it generously to their already thickly buttered offerings of propelled brilliance.

Clearly, the west is now turning electric - finally - and if BMW is to survive it, it too will quickly have to lithium-ion-up and banish its caveman combustion motors to the darkness of last century.

Bring it on!