VW T-ROC: The raised Golf for adventure lovers

For the buyer who wants a higher Golf, but smaller Tiguan.

As is reported in AutoExpress, VW have teased its new T-ROC SUV ahead of its reveal at the upcoming Franfurt Motor Show, but it's not the first time we've seen a version of the T-ROC. The concept was revealed at the Geneva Motor Show way back in 2014 to much applause. Looking at the latest tease however - the sketches in grey - what will come is not as exciting as the concept (seen in blue).

The T-ROC is essentially a Golf crossover, which finally fills a gap in the market for people looking for something a bit bigger and higher than a Golf but smaller than the "footprint" of a traditional SUV, in this instance the Tiguan and the Touareg.

Expect Golf's usual diesel derivatives in this one and the bloated price tag reserved for VWs these days - but, unfortunately, don't expect some of the really cool innovations as seen on the concept, like removable roof panels and the funky and compact two-doors. The T-ROC crossover will most likely arrive with four doors instead and look more like the cultured Audi Q2 when it goes on sale, which is a pity because we already have an Audi Q2.

Still, it has been a long time since Gusheshe reported on a car that is this likely to cause such a buying stir among the VW-loving South African market and we can truly think of nothing that would sell better than a "higher Golf" other than a Golf itself, so we expect this one to do very well. Very, very well! That goes without saying.

And will there be a Vrrrrapah version you ask? Who's to say there won't. Certainly, we hope so!