Not so rare anymore Ferrari sells 8400 units this year

Either Ferrari are just building more - or people are just getting richer.

Unlike the rhino, super cars are best experienced endangered. It adds to the mystery of what it must be like owning something so special, and driving something so perfectly made. But, as is reported in Car Magazine, now every Bryanston Mikey who struck it rich selling the juice can own a Ferrari and that there is just not cool anymore.

Ferrari says that "It delivered 2 332 new vehicles in the second quarter of 2017, taking total sales for the first half of the year to 4 335 units." In total, it will deliver 8400 units in 2017 worth 210 Billion Rand.

In South Africa, for the first half of 2017, Ferrari registered 41 new units: 17 units of the 488 Spider, 10 of the California, 11 of the 488 GTB, two F12s and one GTC4Lusso.

Now, call Gusheshe sour but that's way too many Ferraris sold brand new. Yes, it's great that so many new rich people can afford Ferraris but the more they spend on Ferraris, the more Gusheshe doesn't want one. The more it wants a Pagani then, and all those rarest of rare that we never see at all.

But, alas, in a world where mystery no longer exists thanks to Google, I suppose it makes sense that the mystery of Ferrari is shattered. I suppose all that remains now is uncovering the truest mystery of them all: The mystery of how to make enough zeroes to afford one.

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