A Ferrari 4X4?

The Italian supercar giant has confirmed that there will be a Ferrari "utility vehicle" released early next decade.

As is reported in Auto Express, the pure horror of a Ferrari SUV has been confirmed by CEO Sergio Marchionne, but is being cleverly framed as a "utility vehicle" and part of an entirely new segment all together, for no other reason, we imagine, but to avoid public outcry and differentiate itself from Porsche, Maserati and Lamborghini who have already embraced an SUV future as a way of significantly boosting profits.

Note: All of the adjoining pics are the web's various renditions of a potential Ferrari SUV, some better than others, but all quite terrible.

Ferrari hope to double their profits with the introduction of a "utility vehicle" and that is not inconceivable when we look at what the Cayenne has done, and is doing for Porsche. The Cayenne has been uber successful at altering our understanding of what a brand should be and who is to say that Ferrari cannot do the same?

Even so, it is still nauseating: The thought of a fat and family sized Ferrari SUV is hard to swallow. No matter how Ferrari frame its introduction - "utility vehicle" or not - the sexiest car brand on the planet is different to its competitors for reasons only car lovers can feel and not articulate, and a large Ferrari will surely always look awkward. Surely. But, then again and most truthfully, so did the Cayenne once upon a time and well, now that looks just fine.

In fact, I saw one the other day I quite liked and then went on home and whipped myself for daring to feel such things.

When it does come though, we hope it looks like this! We know. We best keep dreaming.