Suzuki Swift tightens up, sportifies

The new Suzuki Swift looks poised to take the affordable car market by storm, but the Sporty package should not interest you.

As is reported in Car Magazine, the new Suzuki Swift has been revealed, showing markedly more chiseled features and a seven inch in-house display complete with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay functionality. It's significant news for the affordable car market because Suzuki is generally synonymous with value for money, which, in a junk-status economy is just the type of car you should be looking for.

The Hamamatsu-based automaker also comes complete with a lane departure warning function, which is next in line of elite safety features to finally make their way into affordable vehicles. We especially welcome this feature in a country desperate for more long distance safety features that fight fatigue and the dangers of cross-country trekking. 

The new Swift is also rumoured to weigh around 900kgs, which makes it the lightest in its class. That of course comes with significant benefits, the most cherished of which: Better fuel economy, and a better chance of taking longer road trips and exploring our beautiful country.

Surprisingly, Car Magazine seems to be excited about its sporty derivative, or at the very least intrigued about it. But, Gusheshe sees no point in a sporty version for this level of vehicle, and that includes all and everything from sporty Twingos to Picantos. They are an unnecessary gimmick demanding more money for something that will never truly bring about a racing heart anyway.

(It's much like spending R2500 on soccer boots if you're an amateur who plays indoor once every two weeks, with an off season from October to March, while you recover from your "injury". Waste of money)

Regardless, we do look forward to its most economical derivative when it arrives. Expect it in the second quarter of 2018.