Is 1950s-inspired design our future?

Nissan's luxury vehicle division, Infiniti, teases with a 1950s-inspired formula1 design.

As is reported in Auto Express, Infiniti have teased us (as seen above) with a 1950s-inspired formula 1 design that Gusheshe believes could redefine the next 15 years of cool. Nothing, and nothing at all, is sicker than a 1950s Formula 1 car and any design inspired by the famous single seater rocket is encouraged as we look to our past to design our future.

To be unveiled at the Pebble Beach (motor show), the “heritage inspired prototype vehicle [is] a nod to the kind of cars competing on the early motorsport scene. It will [be blended] with elements of the brand’s contemporary design language."

Infiniti's new concept looks to these gorgeous retro machines for design inspiration.

As is to be expected, beneath the skin will of course be cutting edge - and will utilise Infiniti's "advanced EV technology". That's good. Because although the 1950s was great to look at, it was an ugly way to die.

But, what exactly is it though? Is it a sports car? Is it a hyper car just for the track? Whatever it is, it will possess the genetics for the future, and the type of lines that Infiniti will look to when it finally puts together the machines that we will ultimately buy. Well, at least we hope so.

No doubt, Pebble Beach can't come soon enough! Expect an all new BMW (of Z persuasion) too and a mouth watering Mercedes'. Infiniti however, looks the most exciting.

No pressure Nissan.