A biodegradable car built of sugar. Sweet.

A team of Dutch students have built a biodegradable car. Is this the next step in clean motoring?

As is reported in Automotive News a team of inspirational Dutch students have built a biodegradable car "made of a resin derived from sugar beets and covered with sheets of Dutch-grown flax."


Dubbed Lina, the lightweight electric-powered vehicle only weighs 310kg and is reportedly as strong as fiberglass, but like fiberglass would break in a crash and not bend like metal. As such, the vehicle has not passed any crash tests as yet.

It is not entirely biodegradable either. The tyres and suspension are not, but everything else on it will completely and greenly dissolve away into the world around us just like a discarded banana peel. 

Makes you think: What if you went on holiday and came back to half a car, eaten away by the garage around it? That's the sweet price of green freedom, my friends! Take it on the chin.