Come 2019, come Tesla Model Y

The small crossover will officially be launched in 2019, broadening Tesla's electric offering.

As is reported in AutoExpress, the Model Y (Tesla's new little crossover) should be best understood as a larger and raised Model 3, rather than a smaller Model X. This comes after Elon Musk - our favourite South African and wannabe Mars colonial - confirmed that the new Model Y will use the Model 3's platform as its base. This significantly shortens research and development and will allow for the the Model Y to be released as soon as 2019.

"By doubling its SUV portfolio with the smaller, cheaper offering," writes AutoExpress, "Tesla is lining itself up to enter a booming marketplace. Alongside the recently launched Model 3, the Model Y will be an important step on the road towards the firm becoming a true volume vehicle manufacturer."

AutoExpress have imagined an exclusive design of the coming Model Y and how they think it could look. It uses Tesla's official teaser below for imagination.

2019 will be a big year for the California-based car manufacturer: It has already announced a bakkie to be unveiled in the same year - a double cab of course - and there has also been updates on the upcoming Tesla Minibus, although it is still unclear when that will arrive. It's expected to hold at least 8 people and will be built on the current model X's platform. Both platforms, Model 3 and X, now offer a solid foundation - excuse the pun - upon which to diversify Tesla's offering.

Yip, good news just keeps on rolling out from Silicon Valley. When will it end? Hopefully never.

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