As promised, the gorgeous Infiniti Prototype 9

Infiniti has produced a pointless beauty and it makes us wonder about our ugly generation.

As promised, Infiniti has revealed their gorgeous Prototype 9 and Gusheshe, as promised, is here reporting on it. The immaculately crafted machine has been unveiled ahead of Pebble Beach, but the motoring interweb seems confused about which decade to thank for its inspiration - the 1930s, 40s or 50s.

Regardless, what cannot be argued about is two things - how pointless it is and how gorgeous it turned out to be. AutoExpress reports that the design was put together "to show how a 1940s Infiniti Grand Prix car would have looked – despite the brand only launching in 1989."

Well, makes sense. Because I've been dying to know how a 1940s Infiniti Grand Prix car would have looked. Haven't you?

Under the skin is a next generation EV powertrain, which develops 110kW, an always electric-impressive 320Nm of torque, and can be thrashed around for at least 20 minutes before a recharge is in order. That's not Tesla territory of course but this is not a production car - it is merely a prototype and nothing more than a little bit of design-time fun for, it would seem, reports just like this.

0-100 in 5.5 seconds is irrelevant to share then, but cool to know - as is some of the design inspiration, which always sounds cooler when the word aeronautical is used: Japanese aeronautical design is one of its features and if you don't know how, think this: Remember when you were a child and pulled the wings off of a flying ant? Well, that's what the Japanese have done to some really cool looking plane and have incidentally made a better looking car.

No doubt, what does it say about our generation when the designs of yesteryear are better looking than our own? We're not sure actually, but it can't be very good.